sivoia-cell-shades2.jpgThe Sivoia® QS Wireless cellular shades by Lutron offer incredible value at an affordable price. Featuring patent-pending Triathlon™ power technology, these remote-controlled shades offer years of convenient, constant operation without worrying about battery replacement. Simply press the button and set multiple shades in motion – even in those hard-to-reach windows – reducing glare, increasing privacy and conserving energy.

As functional as they are beautiful, their unique cellular designs are offered in a wide range of styles to fit any décor and are easily retrofitted into existing windows. Sivoia® QS Wireless cellular shades come in varying opacities from translucent to room darkening and feature dual-sided fabrics, so you can give each room a signature look while maintaining a uniform appearance from the outside.

sivoia-cell-shades.jpgTo view the complete selection of Sivoia® QS Wireless cellular shades, speak to your Crescendo Designs professional.