Chris Brody | CFO and Cofounder
Chris Brody has helped transform Crescendo Designs into one of the leading designers and installers of high-end home technology from Manhattan to Montauk. An entrepreneur who began his retail career in technology more than a decade ago when he started an online A/V company, Chris moved into the luxury residential market in 2002 when he founded Crescendo with his brother, Mike.

The Southampton-based company remains at the forefront of the home technology industry thanks to his leadership, unparalleled technical expertise and unwavering commitment to superior customer service.

When not leading Crescendo, Chris spends most of his free time outdoors—either on the water or in the air—or with family and friends.

Mike Brody | President and Cofounder

The man responsible for all aspects of quality control at Crescendo Designs, Mike Brody manages the firm’s team of designers and works directly with clients, builders, architects and designers to ensure that every project meets his exacting standards—and exceeds client expectations.

Mike, who founded the high-end home technology design and installation company in 2002 with his brother Chris, is known for both his technical expertise and his ability to simplify the most complex systems into easily understandable, customer-focused solutions.

Married and the father of a son, a daughter, (and a Rhodesian Ridgeback), Mike can often be found on the golf course, driving 4x4s on the beach or cooking at home.

Steven Tulkop | Partner

Since day one, Steve Tulkop has been an integral member of the Crescendo team, embarking on a journey that has seen him ascend the company ranks from installation to project management, engineering, and operations. Today, as a partner, Steve holds the reins of responsibility for orchestrating the seamless day-to-day operations within the company. His purview extends to overseeing, nurturing, and guiding all departments.

Steve’s pivotal role in steering our operational strategies is undeniable. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, he works tirelessly to streamline workflows and drive efficiency across various facets of our business. His leadership is marked by a dedication to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that Crescendo remains at the forefront of innovation and performance in our industry.

Beyond his professional pursuits at Crescendo, Steve finds joy in sport-touring motorcycling and cherishing moments with his loved ones, whether it’s quality time with family or creating memorable experiences with friends.