Revolutionary flush-mounting system adds “clean” look to interior design

Crescendo Designs has been named one of the country’s exclusive high-end technology dealers for TRUFIG, a revolutionarytrufignews.jpg flush-mounting system that creates that sought-after “clean” look to any technology installation.

Designed to seamlessly blend protruding wall and ceiling accessories — including light switches/dimmers, electrical outlets, lighting keypads, touchscreens, phone/data wall plates, and volume controls — TRUFIG enables Crescendo’s installation team to create a perfectly-flush result into any wall or ceiling.

“TRUFIG enhances interior architectural design by taking away the unsightly edges and other installation fixtures, such as screws, that are visible with other mounting systems,” explains Chris Brody, President of Crescendo Designs. “The resulting look of a TRUFIG-treated wall or ceiling is a very smooth, ‘clean’ surface; you have to see it to appreciate the difference.”

To see a TRUFIG installation, visit Crescendo Designs’ 3,300-square foot, state-of-the-art showroom on Southampton’s Main Street or call 631.283.2133 for an in-home consultation.