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Crescendo Wins 10th Straight “Best of the Best” Platinum Award from Dan’s Papers

Crescendo Designs has received its 10th straight “Best of the Best” Platinum Award from Dan’s Papers.          Best.jpg

Each year Dan’s Papers holds a contest in which readers vote for their favorites in many categories.

As the audio/video category winner, we’re proud to have received this award again, and would like to thank Dan’s Papers and their readership for their ongoing support and recognition.

Come visit the Crescendo Experience Center at 641 County Road 39A in Southampton and see what the buzz is all about.

Crescendo Now Offers Bang & Olufsen

the_hidden_masterpiece.jpgCrescendo Designs has been selected by Bang & Olufsen to be among the first custom installers in the United States to carry the exclusive high-end manufacturer’s line.

Known for their distinctive and elegant range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones and multimedia products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal, Bang & Olufsen is the perfect fit for Crescendo’s discriminating clientele, according to President Chris Brody.

“Our clients appreciate the outstanding quality that is B&O, and we are proud to be able to now offer it to them,” he says. “Our selection underscores the high caliber of our company and staff who are recognized for their expertise in home technology design, sales, installation and service.”

The addition of Bang & Olufsen is a natural extension of Crescendo’s mission to provide the finest in high-end technology products and services, Chris concludes. Clients can view Bang & Olufsen’s offerings – along with other exclusive products – at the Experience Center, Crescendo’s state-of-the-art 2,500-square-foot showroom featuring exclusive home furnishings, seamlessly blended with the latest in home entertainment technology.


Unparalleled Outdoor Entertainment: The C SEED 201″ Outdoor TV

Crescendo Designs is excited to be offering a radical new concept in premium outdoor entertainment, the C SEED 201!

With a push of a button this incredible 201″ display begins to emerge from its protective subterranean shaft as a monolith. In a matter of seconds it soars 15 feet into the sky and seven massive LED panels unfold into a masterpiece of technological sculpture.

“It’s a privilege to have been selected as a dealer as they are very exclusive,” explains Chris Brody president of Crescendo. “C SEED wants to be sure they have only the best representing them and it’s very exciting because this product certainly raises the bar!”

The C SEED 201 was engineered with passion for technical excellence and innovation in collaboration with Porsche Design Studio.

The C SEED 201 is beautiful even in direct sunlight. It features ultra-high-resolution images displayed in 281 trillion radiant colors, is completely waterproof, is loaded with 15 built-in speakers, can rotate 270 degrees and raise or lower in height.   A built in fingerprint sensor on the remote prevents unauthorized use.  A completely Installed system ranges from $850k to $1M.

Crescendo Named Control4 Platinum Dealer Year After Year

Control4 home theaterCrescendo Designs continues to be among a select group of dealers to earn the prestigious Platinum designation from Control4, a leading provider of the “smart home” operating system, delivering intelligent control over consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems through an easy-to-use and intuitive software interface.

“The Platinum Dealer designation is reserved for residential integration specialists who are qualified for the most complex and customised solutions that the home automation system has to offer,” explains Chris Brody, Crescendo president and co-founder.  “To qualify, Crescendo ranks among the top Control4 dealers in terms of sales, experience and staff training.”

For more information on Control4, contact us.

Crescendo Designs Featured in Residential Systems Magazine

Crescendo Designs was recently featured in an article, “Extreme Weather Creates New Challenges for Outdoor Home Technology Products” in the Features Section of Residential Systems. The article examined Superstorm Sandy’s effects on outdoor home theaters, and preventative measures clients can take to minimize Mother Nature’s effects on their outdoor systems.

Click here for the full article.

Crescendo Designs Celebrates Tenth Anniversary!

A Decade Ago…Crescendo-Designs-Team3.jpg

Chris Brody, president of Crescendo Designs, had a fascination with technology since youth, taking apart the nooks and crannies of cars and often reconstructing and substituting improved components, such as upgraded audio systems.

“Chris always wanted to learn how things were put together,” said Mike Brody, Chris’ brother and vice president of Crescendo. “I, on the other hand, was too busy riding dirt bikes, playing baseball and chasing girls!”

During his college years, Chris started his own online retail business selling audiovisual (AV) products, such as car audio systems. Shortly thereafter in 1999, Chris began selling and installing plasma TVs in homes.

Chris-Mike-Jen-Blueprints.jpgThe growing demands of the business, along with the increasing profits from home installations was too much for a college student to manage in addition to juggling academics. It gave Chris the incentive to commit to his work full time, and it wasn’t long before Mike was in the picture to help his brother out.

“As the company grew, it became more and more of a home installation type of business,” Mike said. “The competition in the online market was growing, and we simply saw more all-around potential with home installation services.”

However, the climb to Crescendo wasn’t easy right from the get-go.

Time to Get Movin’!

While maintaining the online business, the brothers worked tirelessly until 2002 — even temporarily working out of Chris’ garage until they found a space for their installation services to call home.

“The office on Hill Street got us out of Chris’ garage so we didn’t have to start the car for heat anymore,” Mike joked. 

Mike-Jen-Underbed-Lift.jpgChris and Mike took a different approach to the AV biz, branding themselves home technology experts under the name “Crescendo Designs.”

“We wanted to distinguish our name from all of these ‘AV this’ or ‘AV that’ companies you find in the phonebook,” Mike said. “AV experts usually have a certain stigma attached – people seem to think it’s as if we simply come to your house and plaster some speakers on the wall. There’s so much more to it than that.”

However, big names in the industry didn’t take the early 20-somethings seriously.

“We’d have meetings with these major companies to gain access to higher-end products, and they’d just tell us we were a couple of crazy kids,” Chris said.

The team decided to open a public showroom on Main Street in Southampton with the intention of gaining credibility with clients. In fact, the same companies that had once scrutinized Crescendo now offered their support and admiration, encouraging the company to offer and promote their brands.

One year later, the team opened a second location to serve as their warehouse and operations center.

“Opening up our Main Street location proved that we were serious, and in turn, offered a much higher-end client base,” Mike said. “We started doing major numbers with lots of products.”Home-Automation-Panel.jpg

However, the showroom lagged behind the rapid advances of time and technology and began to look outdated.

“Its ‘retail store’ layout offered us a limited ability to properly show home automation,” Chris explained. In addition, the inconvenience of managing two separate office locations inspired one last relocation to the Crescendo Experience Center.

Creating the Crescendo Experience

“The Experience Center shows our vision and the complexity of our service in the same light where you would consult an architect or a designer,” Mike said.

Although Crescendo is most prominently known for their work in the Hamptons and Manhattan, they service clients from around the world who are seeking the high-end, most coveted brands on the market.

“What was considered a convenience or luxury a decade ago is now today’s standard,” Chris said. “Unified home automation is the most popular request we hear these days.”

Blueprints.jpgCrescendo’s team works directly in the field with architects and engineers to ensure that each project’s unique concerns are addressed with a custom design and build.

“Oftentimes we work with these other professionals to ensure that we integrate technology into a space properly; it has to complement the aesthetics of the surrounding overall design,” said Jennifer Miller, design consultant at Crescendo. “We have to take all considerations into account, from the size and fit to the architectural elements that influence a room’s acoustics.”

Jennifer stressed the importance of being involved in every step of a project. “People are sometimes slow to understand that we need to be a part of that inner circle from the beginning in order for the job to be done correctly. The later we become engaged in a project, the less opportunity we have to design and reach that full potential.”

Jennifer explained that her greatest joy on the job is presenting a solution to a client that they didn’t even know was possible. “We’ll have a husband and wife approach us with this argument: the husband wants the huge TV, but the wife doesn’t want to see it overrule the bedroom’s ambience,” she said. “We’ll come back to them with a whole immersive setup they both LOVE – and the wife is even pushing for some extra bells and whistles!”

Looking Forward to the Next 10 Years

Crescendo has much to look forward to in its next decade – and beyond – of service to its Long Island, Manhattan and international customers. Equipped with a state-of-the-art showroom that showcases the latest advances in home technology design, Crescendo is building toward a strong future.

As one enters the Crescendo Experience showroom, it’s hard to believe that this successful family-run business idea was hatched in a kid’s garage a decade ago. Chris, Mike, Jennifer and the rest of the Crescendo team are looking forward to bringing the highest-quality services their customers have come to expect and continuing to be on the forefront of new home technologies.

With Prima Cinema, All You Need Is the Popcorn

Want to catch the latest Hollywood premiere, but don’t feel like leaving the house? Prima Cinema delivers that Prima-Cinema-Top.jpgexciting, red carpet experience directly to your very own private home theater – without the inconvenience of heading to the local movie theater to catch the latest flicks.

Prima Cinema offers a cinematic experience unlike any other, delivering theatrically released Hollywood films directly to players installed in private home theaters.

“It truly has ‘redefined movie night,'” Chris Brody, president of Crescendo Designs said. “Instead of dealing with the hassles that come with public theaters, you can enjoy these movies in the comfort of your own home with all your family and friends.”

Until recently, only a privileged few had the opportunity to view theatrically released films in the comfort of their own homes. With Prima Cinema players, they’re available to just about anyone. The films are automatically downloaded onto the player and stored for their entire theater run. They can even be played back and paused, so you can head to the kitchen for a refill without missing a single scene. However, once a film is no longer shown in theaters, it is removed from Prima Cinema.

Prima-Cinema-1.jpgWith a demo unit in Crescendo’s showroom, the team can’t help but buzz about the latest movies to hit theaters – and likewise, Prima Cinema.

Brian Farley, senior design consultant at Crescendo said he couldn’t wait to see “This is 40,“coming December 21.

“It looks hysterical, and when is it not the right time for a comedy?” he said. “This is clearly geared for married couples and especially young families. Since I’m turning 40 this year, I can really relate to this one!”

Jennifer Miller, a design consultant at Crescendo agreed with Farley. “Christmas is the perfect time for this movie to come out – who couldn’t use a little funny-bone tickling to distract from the extra holiday pounds, family feuds and looming credit card bills?”

Experience Prima Cinema for yourself at the Crescendo Experience Center, which offers the latest in audio, video and total home automation technology and convenience. To schedule your visit, contact us.

Crescendo Wins Ninth Straight “Best of the Best” from Dan’s Papers

bestofthebest2012.jpgCrescendo Designs has received its ninth straight “Best of the Best” Award from Dan’s Papers.

Each year Dan’s Papers holds a contest in which readers vote for their favorites in many categories.

As the audio/video category winner, we’re proud to have received this award again, and would like to thank Dan’s Papers and their readership for their ongoing support and recognition.

Come visit the Crescendo Experience Center at 641 County Road 39A. in Southampton and see what the buzz is all about.

An Insider’s Peek at What’s Hot in Home Entertainment

Crescendo Designs got an insider’s peek at the electronic industry’s latest innovations at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) – and there was plenty to look at. Sony-Bravia-XBR-84X900.jpg

LED TVs and front projection systems highlighted 4K, the best screen resolution offered by current technology. As the home theatre market’s new buzzword, a 4K screen offers four times as many pixels (3840×2160) as the resolution of today’s 1080p high-definition standard.

Sony unveiled their not-yet-released XBR-84X900. At 84 inches, this is Sony’s largest screen to date and one of the first to feature 4K. With 8.8 million pixels, 4K offers the most lifelike and realistic images available on a screen.

EDGE.jpg“It’s as if you are looking through a pane of glass!” an impressed Chris Brody, president of Crescendo Designs said.

Had Sony been using the new wall mount, “Edge” from Media Décor’s presentation, passersby may have mistaken it for an actual window.  The Edge is a custom built wall mount designed to completely seal the top, sides, and bottom of a TV from unsightly wiring, while still providing instant access for cabling and servicing.

Meanwhile, audiophiles’ standards were met with the Sonance Landscape Series outdoor speaker display. Holding true to the idea that “sound should be heard and not seen,” the speakers are camouflaged to resemble a high-end lighting fixture, and are evenly distributed Sonance1.jpgthroughout the property to deliver a canopy of sound to avoid hot spots and dead zones. Sonance’s parent company, Dana Innovations, promises audio comparable to a high quality home theater system.

Not to be outdone, indoor entertainment exhibits continued to thrive with golf, shooting and racing simulators designed to provide a completely immersive experience.

Interactive Sports Technologies revealed their all-new system that’s both a golf simulator and home theater system.  The package includes a desktop workstation, an HDTV compatible projector, a 19-inch touchscreen console, realistic-looking golf courses, golf balls, a club tracking system, nylon golf turf and tee mats.

GolfSim.jpgThe system can also transform into a home theater system with the ability to connect to any game console, cable/satellite system, or other device with video streaming capability.  In addition, the system features a 250-watt stereo sound system and a built-in DVD player.

“[It offers] more ways to have fun at your home on a rainy day, or just for a party,” Brody said.

Crescendo Designs has been a CEDIA-certified member since 2003. CEDIA is an international trade association of companies that specialize in planning and installing electronic systems for the home, such as home networking, home automation, and communication systems, media rooms, single or multi-room entertainment systems and integrated whole-house subsystems providing lighting control, security, and HVAC systems.

Interested in these products? Speak to your Crescendo Designs professional.

Crescendo’s Three-Step Approach to Superior Service

home technology rackCrescendo Designs architects each home technology system to seamlessly integrate peak performance with elegant design and worry-free, timely installation. That’s why Crescendo has been an integral member of the design team behind some of the finest homes from Manhattan to Southampton, according to Chris Brody, President.

“We do all we can to streamline the process,” he says. “This includes programming and testing all systems prior to installation, which makes it easier on the homeowner.”

Crescendo’s three-step approach comprises:

  1. Personal Consultation. We get to the heart of what the homeowner is looking for, review the architect’s plans and walk through the home. We then outline the project scope and budget for your approval.
  2. Design. Working with the architect, builder and interior designer, our in-house engineer creates a detailed proposal—with a complete equipment listing and a guaranteed, installed price – to ensure the perfect components for the perfect environment.
  3. Installation. The Crescendo Project Manager works with our in-house team to develop CAD layouts of the furnishings and equipment selections. After we program, test and configure all your equipment in our “clean room,” the Crescendo manufacturer-certified team installs all components.

Want to start the process yourself? Contact us.

We’re Going Global!

It may not be Buckingham Palace, but the new Crescendo Experience Center was impressive enough to make it on the 2012 World Tour of “The Gadget Show,” the most-watched home technology television show in all of Europe.

Gadget ShowBroadcast to 150 countries around the globe, the popular program showcases the latest and best in consumer technology. Tech-loving presenters Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward are traveling across the world in its pursuit, visiting locations from Silicon Valley to Abu Dhabi – and Southampton, too.

“While we’ve always know that the Crescendo Experience Center is the only one of its kind in the United States, to be recognized internationally is just incredibly exciting,” explains Chris Brody, President. “It truly represents the very best in high-end design, interior furnishings and home entertainment technology – on a global scale.”

“The Gadget Show” 2012 World Tour will begin airing this spring worldwide to more than 1.2 million viewers.

Al Fresco Entertaining Never Looked—or Sounded—so Good.

Ready to design an extraordinary al fresco entertaining space? Start at Crescendo Designs. We offer the latest in outdoor audio and video technology brought together by design and technical experts who transform your backyard into an entertainment and living space that fits your life – and sense of style.

SonanceLanscapeSeries.jpgAudiophiles will love the new Sonance Landscape Series. With strategically placed “satellite” speakers hidden within garden beds, bushes and tree foliage, the Sonance system immerses your guests in the highest quality sound, always at the perfect volume, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Better yet, since the speaker system is camouflaged, the music seems to simply come from nowhere.

“Achieving this level of superior sound quality discretely in an outdoor space-with people spread throughout a wide open area, engaged in various activities-has always been particularly challenging,” explained Chris Brody, Crescendo Designs president and CEO. “The Sonance Landscape Series makes it possible.” A subwoofer enclosure is buried underground or hidden within shrubs, with just an earth-colored hood dispersing sound perfectly.

SeuraStorm_300x216.jpgFor homeowners who want a little fresh air with their favorite movie or television show, Crescendo offers the new Storm outdoor waterproof televisions from Séura®. Available in 42″, 47″ and 55″ screen sizes, all Storm models boast vivid colors and 1080p high definition a clear, beautiful picture-even in direct sunlight. Each television features both an ultra-bright display as well as anti-reflective tempered safety glass that reduces glare for a shine-free picture.

“Storm is perfect for outdoor kitchens, patios and next to pools,” added Brody. “It takes al fresco living to a whole new level.”

Experience this new outdoor technology-and more-at the Crescendo Experience Center, a state-of-the-art, 2,500-square-foot showroom that features high-end home furnishings, seamlessly blended with the latest in home entertainment technology. To schedule your appointment, contact us.