Depth of experience takes home theater design to new heights - Watermill, NY

Crescendo Designs' took its depth of experience to even greater heights – in every sense of the word – creating a home theater in this Watermill basement that offers the utmost in performance and aesthetics.

"The home's owner is an audiophile and the home theater doubles as his listening room so unlike a traditional residential installation, the electronic gear takes center stage in this retrofit," according to Steve Berry, Senior Consultant at Crescendo.

Unlike a traditional residential installation, the electronic gear takes center stage in this retrofit. The equipment rack is the theater's focal point and each piece – including McIntosh amplifiers and controller and Richard Gray power conditioner – emit a captivating blue light, creating a spectacular effect. The room also is acoustically treated with a beautiful gold and maroon motif and the ceiling in black. While the rack is on display, a Crescendo-constructed stage hides the front speakers and the sound attenuating wall treatment conceals the in-wall surrounds.

Hiding the speakers was the least of the design challenges on this project, however. The 22-foot by 22-foot basement's ceiling was a low as 8 feet in some spots, which made building a traditional riser to accommodate the back row of seating virtually impossible. The Crescendo solution: break through the foundation and excavate an area of about 11.5 feet by 14.5 feet and 1 foot deep.

But with the back of the theater lower than the front – and an I-beam running through the center of the room – the Runco VX6000 D projector needed to be meticulously placed so the image would clear that beam and fill the Stewart CineCurve screen for the true theater experience. The room delivers just that – and more – with gaming and HDTV all controlled by a Crestron system with two-way wireless touch panel.

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