Making Music (and a Statement)

They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Well, there's no question that the owner of a major record label is making it in the most competitive city on the planet – and now, thanks to world-renowned Rietveld Architects and Crescendo Designs, he has the office space to prove it.

Located in Chelsea, the 5,000-square-foot executive office features four main areas – a main line corridor with reception area, an executive suite, a main conference room and a swanky, stylish lounge – all equipped with the latest in high-end technology integrated seamlessly into the high-style space.

"This environment is just amazing," explains Steve Berry, senior designer at Crescendo Designs. "You're surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views of Manhattan. Couple that with the interior architecture and furnishings and you can just imagine how challenging this commercial design project could be." Steve and his team worked tirelessly with the architect and builder Autun Contractors to incorporate all the technology to meet the office's business – and the owner's aesthetic – requirements.

"Keeping the design clean, crisp and contemporary was a major consideration," he says. "But this isn't a traditional office; it's the owner's 'home away from home' as well as a place where he and other executives meet with potential artists and partners, and host receptions and industry events.

To fulfill its many purposes flawlessly and dramatically, the space features the latest in high-end audio and video equipment, from its Crestron audio and video distribution system with streaming music server and Lutron automated lighting system and motorized shades to its life-size teleconferencing equipment and televisions on motorized lifts in custom-made cabinets – and more.

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