System integration made simple for this East Hampton homeowner - East Hampton, NY

Integrating today's high-end home technology takes more than an "authorized dealer"- it takes an experienced installer with a superior service commitment: an installer like Crescendo Designs.

That was a concept very familiar to an East Hampton homeowner. He knew he wanted the convenience and remote access of integrated Crestron home automation and Lutron lighting control systems, but he also knew what he didn't want: the hassles he experienced with contractors he had used before on a similar project.


To prevent repeat negative experiences, he hired an outside A/V consultant to build the system to meet his specific needs as well as help identify the most qualified installer for the project-and Crescendo Designs came out on top, according to Mike Brody, Vice President.

"The consultant determined that Crescendo met the mark on all fronts," he explains. "We have the technical capabilities to install the system, an unwavering commitment to client service, a proven ability to work with other contractors and a strong financial foundation, even during these tough economic times."Working with the renovation's contractor, Lettieri Construction Company, the project architect and various other tradesmen, the Crescendo team smoothly and efficiently completed the installation within the expected timeframe and budget.

As a result, the home is a true model of outstanding technology integration. In addition to the Lutron lighting and Crestron home integration systems, the home also features remote access to all systems - HVAC, security, lighting, pool, multi-room audio and video, local TVs, home theater and the Kaleidescape videoserver - even as monitoring the temperature and humidity of the wine room. The home is also equipped with with WiFi and networking, cellular phone boosting and a dedicated home theater.

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