Lesson learned: Do it right the first time with Crescendo - Bridgehampton, NY

They say "actions speak louder than words," and a Bridgehampton homeowner heard that old adage loud and clear the first time he didn't hire Crescendo.

"He was looking to acoustically upgrade a room that was controlled by a central system," says Steve Berry, Senior Consultant at Crescendo Designs. "The system was installed by the contractor his builder recommended, but it never worked right and the contractor was unresponsive to the client's calls." He ultimately hired Crescendo to reprogram his entire Crestron system (not an inexpensive proposition) so that it worked correctly and was able to accommodate the audio upgrade-and so that he could move forward with a home technology firm he can count on for superior, responsive service.

"We provided this audiophile with exactly what he was looking for, not just in the initial room, but throughout his property," Steve explains. Crescendo added contemporary audio and video sources, including an iPod dock and Apple TV, extended Wi-Fi into the backyard and introduced a two-way system controller at the pool.

The next time the client needed a home technology firm-for the design and installation of a media room in his basement-he turned to Crescendo first. "The client was so happy with our expertise and superior service on his first ‘re-do' with us that he never even considered anyone else," notes Steve.

Designed to provide exceptional video and audio performance in a family friendly atmosphere, the resulting media room features more traditional living room furnishings (rather than theater style) as well as a Runco LED projector, B&W custom theater speakers, JL Audio subs and Rotel amplification.

The lesson learned: hire the right home technology company from the start. Contact us now.