Home theater is the 'star' of new Montauk retreat - Montauk, NY

When the owner of several vacation homes decided to build a 10,000-square foot Montauk retreat, he knew exactly what he wanted in his home – and what he didn't. That's why he hired Crescendo Designs.

"Having been through the process before, the client had a clear vision of what he was looking for in his home technology system and in the company he selected to design and install it," explains Michael Brody, Vice President. "He wanted both a proven system and a proven technology contractor." In Crescendo, he found both.

Working closely with builder Men at Work, we created a total home control system using Crestron technology that enables the homeowner to control virtually all aspects of the living environment – multi-room audio/video, pool, security, HVAC and phone/networking systems – via large, user-friendly in-room panels as well as remotely via the Internet.

But the "star" of this build is definitely the "dream home theater," according to the homeowner. The custom, 15-seat theater features a stunning fiber optic ceiling, massive 147-inch 2.35 widescreen and 7.2 surround sound system that "blows guests away,"he says. Acoustic treatment improves the interior sound performance while sound proofing stops the powerful sound from being heard in other rooms.

The result is a spectacular vacation home that delivers everything the client wanted – and then some. For more information on Crescendo Design technology solutions for new homes and renovations, contact us.