Crescendo makes client's "dream" home a reality - Southampton, NY

They say "the customer is always right." That old business axiom is brought to life in this brand new 12,000-square foot Southampton home featuring a sophisticated total home control system designed and installed by Crescendo.

"The client was heavily involved in the design of their ‘dream' home," says Michael Brody, Vice President of Crescendo Designs. "He wanted seamless integration and ease of use throughout the home for his family and many expected guests, especially in the grand home theater, a focal point of their entertaining life. He looked to Crescendo to provide an integrated system to meet his specific needs – and we delivered."

Working closely with the home's builder, Hamilton Hoge Construction Management, our in-house, manufacturer-certified team designed, programmed and installed the Crestron integrated solution that controls all aspects of the home environment. The system not only offers in-home and remote control of such elements as the lighting, heating/cooling and computer/communications networking, it also is "command central" for home entertainment.

"The system gives the homeowner full multi-room audio control throughout the house no matter what the source – music server, CD, AM/FM, Sirius Satellite radio or iPod – as well as control of the home's multiple televisions and magnificent home theater," he explains.  Finished in elegant light wood tones, the theater features a sophisticated projection and surround sound system along with sound-deadening acoustical panels so that no matter how action-packed the movie adventure, the rest of this "dream" home remains just that.

For more information on how to integrate a Crescendo-designed theater or total control solutions into your new or current home, contact us.