Crescendo's "smart" home dazzles "smart" clients - Sagaponack, NY

Some say the best client is a smart client. Such is the case with the technology-savvy family who hired Crescendo to design and install a whole home electronics upgrade in their 15,000-square foot Sagaponack home.

The project's goals were clear; the client's expectations high: Create a "smart" home with technology that was reliable, remote-controllable and environmentally friendly. While those were tall orders, Crescendo tackled each and every one - and then some - with a customized total home solution featuring a Crestron audio distribution and lighting systems and thermostats, Lutron automated shades, Runco video displays and Focal and B&W speakers.

"This home is as smart as they come," according to Steve Berry, Senior Consultant at Crescendo Designs. "Everything is automated and integrated, from the shades and lighting to the alarm and HVAC system."

But the client didn't just want a "smart" home; they wanted one that was attractive as well. Working with Daniel Romualdez Architects and builder John Hummel and Associates, Crescendo helped integrate the technology flawlessly into the design vision for each of the project's three main structures: the "minimalist" guest house; the contemporary main house; and the "bleeding-edge" playhouse. Two additional structures - a pool house and garage - are also included in the Crescendo-created system.

Now, the client can remotely monitor and control the lighting and HVAC of all the structures and the pool, as well as access their home surveillance system, from anywhere in the world. Pre-programmed lighting and temperature control makes the home "green" - and cost-effective, too - satisfying all three of the family's main objectives.

The client's also more than satisfied with Crescendo's 24/7 technical support and Saturday service which helps keep the system up and running: how smart is that? To find out how Crescendo can help make your home a smart one, contact us.