Life's a beach at this high-tech waterfront home - Bridgehampton, NY

Going green can be fun, fashionable and functional, and this Bridgehampton waterfront home has the energy savings - and entertainment value - to prove it. Featuring advanced home control and entertainment technology designed and installed by Crescendo, this contemporary retreat is as environmentally friendly as it is enjoyable.

"We created an ultra-modern, integrated home control and entertainment system for this ultra-modern home that fit its style – and LEED "green" home requirements," says Mike Brody, Vice President of Crescendo Designs.

The 5,500-foot home includes a state-of-the-art Lutron system that enables the owner to control all lights from a single switch, automatic scenes based on sun patterns or set them to "vacation mode" to replicate their usual light usage for added security. A complementary Lutron motorized shade system is tied into a Crestron total home control system, which directs the shades to "follow the sun" using a built-in GPS locator so the home remains comfortable - and more energy efficient - all year long.

"The end result is an easy-to-operate control system that does everything in the home – including automatically manage the use of natural light –- to achieve the owner's ‘green' objectives," Brody notes.

The Crestron system not only keeps control of the environment, it helps keep this homeowner entertained, too. An avid audiophile and concertgoer, he can listen to music from an iPod, satellite radio or CD player in any room, across the entire house - or even on the pool deck - thanks to the new multi-room audio system designed and installed by Crescendo, while his living room DVD player allows him to enjoy his large collection of concert DVDs from any TV or speaker in the house.

When the owner is not at home, all system features - HVAC, security, lighting, arm/disarm and garage door - can be controlled remotely from his iPhone, or online via Crescendo's website. To have Crescendo help you design and install the home technology and entertainment system for your next project, contact us.